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Rest in peace my friend.

To my step-dad, employer, and one of my best friends,

You are going to not only be missed forever but I will have so many good memories I’ll be recollecting on. Since the day you chose to leave this earth, my heart and soul has been saddened but relieved for you. I know things were tough and very challenging. I wish you hadn’t done what you did. I can’t change that now but I want you to know that I am not angry with you. I love you very much and I know you are at the side of God looking down at us. I asked God to forgive you and not judge you. If I know God well enough, I know he will have you walk beside him getting the guidance and help you need.

I miss you very much and I have always been so grateful for you. You are the poster child of being one of the best men in this world; a man everyone wanted to do business with, a man everyone wanted to be friends with, and a man everyone wanted to be around in general.

Please be at peace my friend and look over us from time to time. I know you are busy now in heaven. Maybe come to my dreams and let me know what heaven is like.

Love ya always,

A smile will increase your face value.

Daily Dose of Gratitude

My First Poem

I am not the best writer out there when it comes to general writing much less write poems. This just came to me late one night and I wrote it down non-stop without thinking about it. Don’t know why it came to me so quick.

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Daily Dose of Gratitude

Daily Dose of Gratitude

Daily Dose of Gratitude

Daily Dose of Gratitude