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Daily Dose of Gratitude

Happiness: How do you find it?

Happiness; many people are all in pursuit of it. How does a person become happy? Are YOU truly happy? How would you define happiness? Is it defined by how much money you have? Do you break down happiness by the material possessions you have? Is happiness defined by the places you’ve vacationed or how successful your career is? Don’t get me wrong…money, success, a prosperous career or business, and material possessions are nice to have. I like all of those things too. Here’s the problem; most people think happiness comes from having A LOT of money. I’m not arguing the fact that money can’t make people “happier” but it can’t make a person genuinely happy.

A few weeks ago a close family friend committed suicide, God rest his soul. I will not get into too much detail about this man’s personal life out of respect for him. He was in his low 60’s and he had a smile that could light up a New York City block. He had his challenges in life. Some were love related, medical, and personal challenges. He started an exotic car import business many years back. He grew his business as well as his reputation. He is what many people would consider wealthy. He drove a beautiful Ferrari 360 Modena, a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz, and newer Corvette. In my mind I’m thinking, “Here is a man who has it all together and has all the happiness in the world.” The problem was, he wasn’t genuinely happy. The doctors had him on pain and depression meds. He had lost his mother in passing a few months back while he was on a cruise in the Caribbean. He had strained relationships with certain family members. Overall, things were not as good as I thought.

I can speculate all day long the reason why he took his own life. At the end of the day one thing is for certain; he was not happy. It did not matter what kind of bank roll this man had. It didn’t matter what kind of cars he drove or how large his house was. None of those details mattered at all. The man was in a dark place in his life for many reasons. I admired that man very much and still do. There was just one thing I wish he would have done differently. That one thing would have been to CHOOSE to be happy and learn to be grateful for the things he had in his life. The man had beautiful grandchildren. He had a beautiful women who cared about him and who he had loads of fun with. The fact of the matter was he LET his mind think about the bad things in his life. He let his mind think of the meds the doctors had him on. He focused on more negative things in his life than the positive.

The bottom line is this; in order to be TRULY, GENUINELY happy in life you have to be grateful for the things you already have. Not only do you have to be grateful for the things you have but really FEEL it in your heart and soul. There are so many things to be grateful and happy about. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is write in my Gratitude Journal. The first two things I ALWAYS write is, “Thank you for another day of life & Thank you for my good health.” As long as I have another day of life and my good health, I know the rest is all just a bonus. I give thanks to everything in life. Do you know what I have discovered by giving constant gratitude for everything in my life on a daily basis? I am MUCH HAPPIER in my life. My success is continuously going up. My health is continuously improving. I quit smoking cold turkey. I run 3 to 5 miles a day 4 days a week. So many positive changes have taken place in my life through gratitude. And because of gratitude my happiness NEVER leaves me.

My friends, I share this with you for a few reasons. First, I want people to discover the feeling of life that I feel on a daily basis. Two, EVERYBODY deserves happiness. And three, being genuinely happy WITHOUT all the money in the world is the key. If you can learn to be happy without money first and constantly give gratitude on a daily basis…

Whatever you desire in your heart and whatever your dreams, they will be fulfilled because you found happiness FIRST!!!

Stay Happy – Stay Positive – Stay Grateful

– Jason M Jones

10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home

10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home.

A post I read from Successify.net.  This is definitely worth the read. Check it out and I hope you have a happy, positive, and grateful day!

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Gratitude Magic aka Miracles

Gratitude Magic

JESUS was very careful to give thanks to HIS FATHER GOD for all miracles before they happened, such as at the tomb of Lazarus (John 11:41-44). It was because HE believed without a doubt that these miracles would take place. If you really want what you are praying for, then you, like JESUS, must thank GOD and believe that you already have it (Mark 11:24). JESUS is our example.

Miracles happen every day. There is something mysterious behind a miracle that cannot be explained. What is it about a miracle that allows it to be a miracle? The answer is simple; it starts with GRATITUDE. I have had the pleasure of magic or miracles, taking place in my life on numerous occasions. Some of that magic helped out with my career, my relationships, and keeping me out of harms way while traveling on the road for five years.

The definition of gratitude is the state of being grateful; thankfulness. Many parents teach their children those two special words the minute they can speak; thank you. What most people neglect when saying “thank you”, is why they are thankful. Why are you thankful? What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? The power of gratitude is stronger than most people even realize.

Let me share a short story that recently took place. A friend of mine, who I hardly talked to, reached out to me on Facebook last week. I was at a meeting for work therefore, I did not have the time to chat with him. I messaged him back saying, “I’ll call you when I head back to the office.” I knew he was not doing well considering the posts I had read about his father being in a coma.

I left my meeting and gave him a call. Keep in mind, we haven’t spoken in five months. To give you a little background, he is a night club promoter and I am club DJ on the side. We met at a club in Wisconsin and he hired me for an event at a club in Flint, Michigan. After that event we have not spoken much since.

My friend is a very talented man when it comes to organizing events and throwing one amazing show. He is self-employed and does very well for himself. He had everything going for him; things were great and he had even found a beautiful girl that he really cares about. One moment he thought life was at its best and the next he found out his father had a serious stroke that eventually lead him into a coma.

Why did my friend, who I hardly talked to at all, reach out to me? I had no idea. I do know this…the simple advice I gave him changed his life forever. I do not have a college degree. I am not certified in any specific program that labels me an expert on anything. I am a regular person who understands the power of being grateful and the magic it can bring in life.

I told my friend, “You need to be thankful. You have to start giving gratitude for your father’s awakening from this coma. Give thanks to God for your father’s awakening and healing as if it already happened.” We spoke for about 30 minutes as I shared more advice based on my self-read knowledge and experiences. He had so many good things going for him in his life and in a blink of an eye this tragedy befalls on him and his family. He felt so sad and helpless. The doctors were advising his family to pull the plug considering the large expense they would incur. He felt it was too premature. Mind you, his father was in this coma for a week, not months. His father is also in his upper 40′s. When you think about it, that is really not old at all. Not in my book. My friend believed in miracles and felt his dad would wake from this coma, this tragedy.

So he took my advice, applied it and his friends and family followed along. Instead of asking for the awakening of his father they gave thanks as if it already happened. They thanked God for their family member to come out of this with no problem. This goes back to the simple Law of Attraction. What you think, feel, and speak about will come. My friend and his family thought, felt, and spoke of being grateful for his father’s awakening. Guess what? A couple of days after that his father started responding and came out of the coma.

There is a lesson to be learned here. It’s not about being grateful for life when something dramatic happens. It’s about constantly giving thanks and appreciation to everything in life from small to large. I know a few people personally that start becoming aware of the little things in life and become grateful on a daily basis after something life changing happens to them. It’s like a smoker developing cancer in their lungs after years of smoking, doctors remove it and then they feel it’s a good time to quit. Don’t quit until after something dramatic has to happen. Be proactive about life; start giving thanks and making changes now.

I cannot tell you when I started becoming more aware of life and all that I have to be grateful for. It became a progressive thing for me. It took years of reading, applying what I have read, experiencing it, and repeating it continuously. I did not have anything dramatic happen in my life. I am very grateful that I did not have to experience something so severe to make me want to change my ways and become appreciative of EVERY SINGLE PERSON, EVENT, and THING in my life.

In the event ANYTHING should happen in ANYBODY’S life, do not ask for a miracle, give thanks as if the miracle already happened. You too will experience the magic of Gratitude.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for reading and I look forward to having you back.



 Stay Happy – Stay Positive – Stay GRATEFUL

– Jason M. Jones

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Daily Dose of Gratitude

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Twelve Things Happy People Do Differently.

Daily Dose of Gratitude
Daily Dose of Gratitude

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