Be Grateful – Remain Positive – Become Happy

Since That Day

This photo below is a picture of my late-step father, Barry.  He chose to leave this earth 1 year ago today.  It was tough and challenging times since that day.  The toughest thing I’ve ever had to face was finding someone I knew and cared about greatly hanging from a rope.  However, I know that no challenge or obstacle I face in life will be greater than that day of July 12, 2013. I know that if I can get through that day, I can get through any day.  It’s very important for all you reading this to know that life is much greater than the problems we face.  Please, if you feel like you have moments of despair and hopelessness, reach out to me.  Let me help.  My biggest goal is to help those I love most and those I know least.  Please enjoy your day and God Bless!


A Strong Will is Everything

Out of all the books I’ve read from numerous authors in self-improvement, motivational, spiritual, and business leadership…there is one commonality in every one of those books – WILL.  Having strong will is everything.  It’s that burning desire inside of you to keep pressing forward failure after failure and loss after loss.  Without a strong will, what else does a person have when achieving success in one’s life?  Vince Lombardi said and I quote, “The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Lost Light in Life


There are many times in one’s life where moments seem to be at its darkest.  I’ve had them.  We’ve all had them.  It’s very important to always shed your own light or find light in every dark situation.  This is something I had to learn and apply daily in order for me to illuminate internally and proceed forward when life turns out that “light”.

The simple things most of us forget.

Rest in peace my friend.

To my step-dad, employer, and one of my best friends,

You are going to not only be missed forever but I will have so many good memories I’ll be recollecting on. Since the day you chose to leave this earth, my heart and soul has been saddened but relieved for you. I know things were tough and very challenging. I wish you hadn’t done what you did. I can’t change that now but I want you to know that I am not angry with you. I love you very much and I know you are at the side of God looking down at us. I asked God to forgive you and not judge you. If I know God well enough, I know he will have you walk beside him getting the guidance and help you need.

I miss you very much and I have always been so grateful for you. You are the poster child of being one of the best men in this world; a man everyone wanted to do business with, a man everyone wanted to be friends with, and a man everyone wanted to be around in general.

Please be at peace my friend and look over us from time to time. I know you are busy now in heaven. Maybe come to my dreams and let me know what heaven is like.

Love ya always,

A smile will increase your face value.

Daily Dose of Gratitude

My First Poem

I am not the best writer out there when it comes to general writing much less write poems. This just came to me late one night and I wrote it down non-stop without thinking about it. Don’t know why it came to me so quick.

Quote of the Day