Our Purpose

Hello friend!  
First, we want to extend my gratitude to you and say thank you for visiting 1UnitedCircle.com.  It really means a lot to us that you are taking the time to view the content my wife and I are sharing.  Second, we am very glad you are here.  Why we say this is because, like us, we all have struggles and challenges in our life.  As much as we like each and every day to be as good as the last one we remember, it just doesn’t happen that way in life.
That being said, the whole purpose of this blog site is to help empower and inspire people to find the strength, desire, and the will within them to continue pressing forward in their own life when times get tough.  Let’s face it, times always get challenging from time to time.  What we have learned is those tough and challenging times are suppose to happen in order to make us stronger and learn from life.
Here is the problem…
In today’s world, people in general aren’t as hardy as they once were back in the day.  It seems like people tend to give up more and care less with what happens in life.  Depression is becoming more and more of a normal thing with people.  Suicide rates are sadly increasing with kids and adults in all social classes.  Honestly, we feel really saddened by this.  On July 12th, 2013, I had the challenging experience of finding my step-father, in his bedroom, hanging from a rope.  It was one of the most traumatic things I personally went through.  I am talking about a man who seemed very happy on the outside.  This was a man who was very successful in business.  Long story short, life threw too many curve balls at him and he just stopped swinging, dropped the bat and decided to leave the game.  He lost all hope and was filled with great despair.
My wife and I are seeing more and more of this happening on a daily basis with people we both know or people we read about in the news.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Life is about bringing  joy to others.  Most importantly, life is about giving and helping others.  We’ve discovered, little by little, our mission in life is to help people find the strength and will within them to come out on top like a shining star in a dark night sky.
We look forward to meeting you and seeing you again and again. 🙂 We appreciate you visiting us and hope you tell your friends about 1UnitedCircle. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Be Grateful, Remain Positive, Become HAPPY!!!
-Jason & Katie Jones