What we often take for granted…

by JJ

Read below…

What we often take for granted is something others cherish.  When I say others, I’m talking about our servicemen and women.  Fortunately, we live in a time where the draft doesn’t exist.  The only reason the draft doesn’t exist, in my opinion, is because of the patriotic men and women who believe in fighting for what is right and what they believe in.  We as American’s truly do not know how good we have it in this country.  Sure, do we have presidential administrations that we may not agree and be a big fan of?  Of course.  Can some parts of our government need improving?  It sure can.  Do we have to agree with everything the United States of America does?  Absolutely not. 

Do you understand the kind of questions I was just asking?  If you were to freely express what you truly thought and said about your country and government in other countries, you could be condemned to punishment or even death.  This is what makes America, AMERICA!  This is one of the many reasons our soldiers offer themselves up for one, two, three and sometimes four different tours overseas.  They volunteer themselves, so you don’t have to.

Many of us, including me, often forget that we have soldiers constantly being rotated in and out of the Middle-East fighting the war on terror.  Some of you may not agree with what I’m writing.  That is perfectly okay with me.  You have that right.  All I am saying is do not take what we have for granted.

Our troops are away from their homes so you can reap the benefits of coming home to yours.  They are away from their families for long periods of time so you can come home everyday to enjoy yours.  They are punching in the ultimate time-clock for work over there, so you can be guaranteed to punch out after your day ends.  Do you catch what I am trying to say?  Take nothing for granted that we are offered in this country.  If you see a veteran, go up to him or her and give a sincere “Thank You”.  Let them know that they are appreciated and we do not forget what they did so we can have what we have.

The next time you are cooking out in your backyard or going out to dinner with your friends, at the very minimum, pay your respects to our troops and toast a drink in their honor.  I think they’ve deserved that.  Do you?