Weather the Storm

by JJ


In life, we go through many storms. We go through actual storms we see on the weather channel. However, we go through “life’s” storms. Challenges rise up against us. Set backs come out of nowhere and blind side us like a rogue wave. We find ourselves in certain situations and wonder, “how the hell did I get here?”

Sometimes we don’t have a direct answer to these questions. In most cases, we don’t think we will ever be able to weather the storm. One thing you MUST remember; a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. We cannot go through life and not have setbacks, challenges, detours, rogue waves, and gusty storms and not learn from them. It is through these storms of life that teach us what we should have done differently. What direction we should have gone in the first place. Sometimes, it’s to help us figure out who we are on the inside and where we are going. There are many rhymes and reasons as to why we go through storms.

At the end of the day, you must understand that these storms and rough seas we go through are for a reason.  It helps build character, it develops more strength, and in time it helps you become wiser.  The stronger the storm the more you will be able to endure with flying colors.  Remember this; no wave is too big, no storm is too strong, and no wind is too gusty.  You will be just fine in your life as long as you learn from the storm and rough seas of life.

God Bless!