The Question of Patience

by JJ

Often times, I catch myself asking internally or out loud, “When is this going to happen or why not now?” I usually have to put myself into check and tell myself to wait and be patient. Aside from just waiting, I need to put in the sweat equity myself in order to achieve whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish. I usually want things to happen, “now”. Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works in the real world. No matter how hard and how much you work at something, sometimes you just have to wait and let God put you where he needs you to be. It took me quite a while to figure this out. However, now that I have figured it out, it has helped me become more patient. I still have my moments when I want it now, but I know that in God’s good timing, I’ll have it.

So, if you find yourself asking God, “when”, just remember that he has to put together the other pieces of the puzzle around you first in order for you to proceed to your ultimate goals. In the meantime, work hard, be patient, and wait. The rest will piece together in good timing.


God Bless and remember, always give gratitude to the One up above. Enjoy your day, friends!