The End of Every Storm

by JJ

As we venture on our journey in life, we encounter storms. It’s much like taking a road trip. You may be fortunate enough to have perfect driving weather. Every now and again, you will drive up on a dark storm cloud. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it’s inevitable that you will just have to drive right through it. I use to travel a lot on the road for the job I use to have as a gym promoter. I traveled to both coasts of the United States and went as far north as International Falls, Minnesota and as far south as Corpus Christi, Texas. Some storms are mild and last only a few minutes. Other storms are severe and long lasting, much like a hurricane.

The photo above is one that I took with my iPhone. I was visiting friends in Dallas, Texas one Memorial Day weekend. I had to drive back to Portales, New Mexico where my marketing promo was located. When I left, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen and there was nothing but wall to wall sunshine. After spending two hours in the car, I came up on a very severe and dangerous looking storm. There was definitely no escaping it. For the first time in my life, I was able to see actual storm chasers in a convoy of vehicles with yellow flashing lights chasing this storm. 

I am a South Florida resident, so I am use to driving in heavy rain. Every afternoon, we experience a strong but short storm during the summer months. However, the rain this storm poured out was nothing I’ve ever seen before. The lightning that came from this storm was so fierce, it was as if God was mad at this part of the world. Words can’t describe the intensity of this storm. I, for one, love seeing storms. I’ve always had a fascination for storms, tornados, and hurricanes. This storm on the other hand, I was actual scared for my life while I was driving through it.

The point I’m making is, just like a road trip you will experience storms in your own life’s journey. Some days you will have sunshine and feel like you are top of the world. Some days you will feel like it’s cloudy and things aren’t as perfect as you want them to be. Then there are those days where something happens that you don’t want it to and it feels much like a strong storm is overtaking your life and you have no control. Remember, storm clouds eventually run out of rain. The wind will die down and the clouds will open up to give you that ray of sunshine you’ve been headed towards. Do not lose hope. Just weather the storm and keep pressing forward. You might be very surprised at what you’ll see and experience on the other side of that storm.

– Jason M Jones