Since That Day

by JJ

This photo below is a picture of my late-step father, Barry.  He chose to leave this earth 1 year ago today.  It was tough and challenging times since that day.  The toughest thing I’ve ever had to face was finding someone I knew and cared about greatly hanging from a rope.  However, I know that no challenge or obstacle I face in life will be greater than that day of July 12, 2013. I know that if I can get through that day, I can get through any day.  It’s very important for all you reading this to know that life is much greater than the problems we face.  Please, if you feel like you have moments of despair and hopelessness, reach out to me.  Let me help.  My biggest goal is to help those I love most and those I know least.  Please enjoy your day and God Bless!