The greatest gift…..

by JJ

I couldn’t agree more on this. Everyone want attention and in order to give attention to a person requires your time. Well said… 🙂



It’s a sad night for me tonight.
I learned that one of my clients has passed away, my first loss professionally. It was a devastating realization that I was never going see this woman again. And a loss like this puts so much into perspective. Fortunately, this precious woman went out as I hope to, peacefully and painless in her sleep. She lived a full life. And although my time with her was brief, she made an impact. She was one that you looked forward to seeing, because she was so sweet, because she had great stories, because she was vivacious, because she was the funky old lady that let me do fun hair! She had an asymmetrical, short cut with chunky panels of blonde and definitely didn’t look like your typical Grandma!!
Jo will be missed. And in the loss of this beautiful woman, I have to be grateful…

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