A Gratitude Journal is a MUST!!!

by JJ

A Gratitude Journal.

A Gratitude Journal is a MUST! It is a must for many reasons. Unlike the power of the gratitude rock, a gratitude journal allows you to go back and read what you have written. If you ever find yourself down about life and you feel bad about your circumstances all you have to do is flip a few pages back and read your blessings. There is no memory needed. You do not need to exert any extra energy to think of things to be grateful for. You just read, it is as simple as that. Keep in mind that is just one reason for a Gratitude Journal.

I personally do not go back and read through what I wrote. I will when I complete my journal and maybe again in the future. I am a FIRM believer in what you put out in the Universe you will receive in abundance. I believe in thinking, feeling, doing, speaking, and writing down every single thing, person, place, or experience I have in life. In case you did not have the chance to read my last post about having a gratitude rock, please do. It is important. One thing I have noticed with MOST people is the fact that good health is being taken for granted.

I met a girl, about a year ago, who I became friends with in Wisconsin. She is one of the best female DJ’s I know; she is one of the most motivated, down-to-earth human beings. We spoke recently after she read my post about the gratitude rock. She mentioned how she could not agree more about people taking their health for granted. She shared with me a little information that set me back. Here she is, an energetic, spontaneous club DJ who just so happens to have MS. I had no clue. She shared a few challenges she was faced with and how some of her motor skills were not up to par. However, at the end of the day; through the daily practice of gratitude, she continues to overcome it and gain strength and not let it take over her life.

The point I am making is this: GRATITUDE in your life is KEY! The photo above is a real passage, from a few weeks back, one of my personal favorites. I write in my journal every day. I speak it, I feel it, I think it, I ACT on it. The first two things I give “thanks” for are:

1. Another Day of LIfe

2. My outstanding health

Those are the first two things I NEVER forget to give gratitude for. I hope you are getting the message. Writing in a journal is not just to make you feel better: it goes way beyond that. In order to receive what you want out of life you must give to life FIRST. Meaning, give “thanks” for another day of waking up. Give “thanks” that you have air in your lungs. Give “thanks” for the sun and rain. If you want MORE money in your life then give “thanks” for the money you already have. Put your energy, your focus, and your attention on what you have in order to receive what you want. You will know it is working in your favor when you least expect it. I have put this practice into motion daily and the results are astounding. I will share more with you later into the future. For now…


Go to a Barns and Nobel or any book store and get a quality journal. If you are going to do this, please do it right. If you cannot afford a quality journal quite yet, that’s fine!  An $.88 notebook from the dollar store will work until you can. But start NOW!!! Get a Gratitude Journal and start writing your blessings!!!

I look forward to hearing from you and how your life has changed because of this. As Rhonda Byrne always says in her news letters I receive, “May the joy be with you.”

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reading this article. I hope it is beneficial for you and whomever you share this with.

Be Happy, Be Positive, Be Grateful

– Jason M Jones 🙂