Manifesting a Thought into Reality

by JJ

“Thoughts are more powerful than you think.”

Jason's Mustang

I will never forget the day I realized I manifested a thought into reality.  All throughout my junior high, high school, and college years I always envisioned owning a brand new black on black on black vehicle.  I am talking about a shiny black, two door, sport car with black as night wheels, blacked out spray-painted looking windows, with the black leather interior to match.  Honestly, I did not know how I would acquire such a high-profiled, expensive car at a young age.  I had this thought that only older people could afford cars like that because they are the ones with 15, 20, 25+ year careers.  It would only make sense, right?

I am almost sure that if you are reading this article, you have read The Secret or saw the film.  If you are unfamiliar with the book, it is by an author named, Rhonda Byrne. She also wrote The Power and The Magic.  All three of these books are great reads and I would highly suggest checking them out. There are different lessons in each of her books, but the main subject she talks about in all three books is the Law of Attraction.

I suggest you read the books for yourself so you can learn about life’s great lessons she has to share. In essence, the Law of Attraction simply says you attract into your life whatever you think about.  Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest into reality. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  If anything is crazy; it is the person who does not believe in the Law of Attraction.  It is no different from a pilot taking off in an airplane and hoping the Law of Physics keeps the plane in the air.  We do not walk outside hoping the Law of Gravity keeps us on the ground.  It is simply, the way it is.  It absolutely cannot fail you. I know what you are thinking: if there was no gravity we would have the ability to fly just like Super Man or Peter Pan.

Back to the point; The Law of Attraction can not fail.  When you think, feel, speak, and act on good things in your life we attract more good things, and therefore we create abundance for ourselves.  The same goes for negative and bad thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  Some like to call it Karma.

Let’s fast forward to when I turned 22 years old.  I want you to keep in mind, I  never completed college so I did not earn a degree in Business. However, The Law of Attraction worked in a way I never understood at the time. My past experiences, struggles, success, people entering and leaving my life, and everything else in between had somehow aligned me in a position standing on a Ford dealership lot in Marion, Ohio. 

I needed a new car because the Mitsubishi Eclipse I drove was literally a deathtrap on wheels.  I drove a lot for my marketing career.  I could not afford risking my life in that car on cross-country road trips.  Long story short; in my mind I wanted a pre-owned 2005 or newer Mustang GT, V8, blue, black, or silver for color, but it had to have a manual transmission.  My sales guy, Brandon, could not find one at the time. Little did we know, there just so happened to be one LAST black 2009 Ford Mustang GT, black leather interior, with a five speed V8 under the hood on the lot. The rest were all six cylinders or brand new 2010′s rolling on the lot.

In short, I test-drove it, I feel in love with it, I was able to afford it (with 0% interest), and then bought it.  Before the purchase was finalized, I had one condition; they had to tint my windows as dark as I wanted.  They complied after I signed a waiver stating that I can not come after them if I get pulled over for the illegal 5% tint. The next summer comes and I was on my way to the hotel from the beach in Tampa, Florida.  My supervisor at the time was with me and he thought it would be “cool” to fish-tail around the intersection.  ***IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ***    So of course, guess what, I did. Then I smacked my back, driver side wheel on a curb and shattered the entire rim.  OUCH!!!   Keep in mind, the rims were silver-colored aluminum alloy. So without fail I bought new rims.  BLACK ONES!!!

Back to the beginning and to the day I will never forget, I manifested a thought into reality.  I was walking into a grocery store one evening, the sun was setting,  and it was a beautiful, calm warm day.  I stepped about 20 yards away from my car, I turned around, hit the “lock” button on my key fob, and stared for a few seconds. My exact THOUGHT at that moment:

“That’s the car I always imagined in my mind.  I didn’t know it would be a Mustang.  I was a Chevy guy at the time.  WOW!!!  This is the car I envisioned of owning.  This is the car I thought people only in their 40′s or older could afford.  Here I am at 23 years old with a brand new black on black on black Mustang GT.”

It was at that point that I understood the Law of Attraction and manifesting a thought into a reality is a feasible task.  I have repeated this process for other things in my life.  I will not go into detail, but I can attest and reassure, that it works!

The lesson? Monitor your thoughts, words, feelings, and your actions.  Direct  everything towards good and what you think about will come from it.  The Law of Attractionwill somehow, divinely align you in the position to achieve all that you have dreamed of and envision. A key point to remember: always, always, always show GRATITUDE  for the things you receive in life, and the things you ALREADY have in life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for reading this.  I hope this was inspiring and/or helpful.

Enjoy your day

-Jason M Jones