Gratitude Time

by JJ

  • Thank You for a new day because I have more time.
  • Thank You for my amazing health so I can see a new day.
  • Thank You for my parents so I can have life filled with amazing health.
  • Thank You for my great attitude because it assists and nourishes my amazing health.
  • Thank You for books I read and articles I read daily because it contributes to my great attitude.
  • Thank You for my high-functioning brain because it allows me to comprehend and apply what I read.
  • Thank You for my motor skills that allows me to live life because of my high-functioning brain.
  • Thank You for my past experiences in life (bad & good) because of my contributing motor skills.
  • Thank You for lessons learned throughout my life because of those past experiences.
  • THANK YOU for my GRATITUDE because of the lessons learned in my life time.

It all of gratitude